Orengo goes to the big leagues

February 21, 2017 Natalie Smith

Oscar Orengo played baseball his whole life. He grew up loving baseball, not just for the sport but also for the relationship it helped build between him and his father. His mother was from Argentina […]

Layup Lines: Week 1 of Intramurals

February 20, 2017 Cardinal & Cream

Interesting things happen in Union men’s basketball games that often go unnoticed. Less interesting (but perhaps more entertaining) things happen in intramural games.  To help see these games more clearly, three of our writers (Michael […]

Layup Lines Episode 4

February 15, 2017 Caleb Lay

In the latest episode of Layup Lines, hosts Caleb Lay and Nick Velasquez talk about the recent road trip, what a typical Union road trip looks like and Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant issues.

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