The Torch invites non-English majors to submit stories and artwork

The Torch, a student-run literary arts magazine is accepting submissions of poetry, prose, creative nonfiction and visual art until April 1. The annual publication, founded and sponsored by Professor of English Bobby Rogers, has been a part of Union’s history since the early 90s and is continuing to push creative minds to share their art and writing.

Josh Welsch, junior creative writing major, and Clark Hubbard, sophomore creative writing and political science double major, both serve as editors on The Torch’s staff. They started as freshmen.

Welsch and Hubbard said right now they just want submissions for The Torch. There is no “English major only” rule. All majors have the opportunity to submit any kind of poetry, creative nonfiction, short story, picture and artwork. Every department and anyone interested can be involved.

“We do have this creative community, but also writing stories, writing poetry, and making art is something that you love and it is something that you keep to yourself,” Hubbard said. “It is really hard, without a push, to get that out there. [The Torch] lets people express these things and gives them a chance.”

Those considering submitting a piece of work are advised to think of the process as a workshop. Participants’ talent as artists or writers will only develop because the people involved care to see their work be published and shared.

“We also collaborate with the artist. If we want their piece to be in The Torch, we approach the artist and tell them what they could change to make it better, and we never force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do,” Welsch said. “If we see a weakness, we help them. We help make their piece better and usually, the people we collaborate with were grateful for it.”

Both creators and editors are able to grow in the process. Creators receive constructive and honest criticism that makes them better. Editors gain exposure to a variety of works and pieces and a sharpened sense of what’s good and what’s not.