SGA senate affirms statement of racial reconciliation

New officers are sworn in at SGA senate.

Josiah McGee, junior political science major, carefully arranged his papers from behind the lectern in Harvey Hall on Wednesday night, preparing to present something never discussed at SGA Senate before: a statement on racial reconciliation.

The resolution, entitled “Affirming the values of Union University student body and condemning racial supremacy in all its forms,” is not a call to action or proposal of changes to the student constitution, handbook or bylaws.

“The reason we drafted this statement is to avoid any confusion, to make it clear where the student body stands, to remind ourselves and the student body we are who we say we are,” McGee said. “So, this statement is supposed to be purely a reminder.”

The resolution was vetted, reviewed and recommended by university faculty and leadership, such as Scott Huelin, chair of the Union General Honors program and English professor, Nathan Finn, dean of theology and missions, Bryan Carrier and President Dub Oliver.

The resolution argued that as racial supremacy has historically led to “oppression, violence and gross violations of human rights including slavery, the Holocaust, ‘Jim Crow’ laws and other forms of discrimination,” and hinders or violates many Christian values and beliefs, the student body has a responsibility to uphold unity and affirm that all people have value as beings created alike in the image of God.

“The Union University Student Senate condemns white supremacy and racism in all its forms and representations,” the resolution reads. “We condemn all forms of representation of this ideology…we urge ourselves and the members of Union University’s community to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

The resolution passed with a majority voting in favor.

A piece of legislation requesting that the Lex provide “pre-packaged coffee,” such as Starbucks chillers, in its refrigerator passed with little opposition.

The senate also swore in new officers and affirmed Alex Russell as clerk and Ben Leech as president pro tempore.

SGA is teaming up with ResLife to host a trivia night on Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Bowld. SAC announced that it will be holding the annual Casey Jones Hullabaloo at the beginning of November.

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  1. Hey just FYI, the bill did not pass unanimously. I voted against it due to some various concerns. Please fix this. Thx!

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