Senate says yes to smoothies and goodbye until the fall

Senate came to order Wednesday night at its usual time with a solid gavel strike ringing out from SGA Vice President Matthew Grove’s lectern.

This session marked the end of the school year, and the end of the first semester of the current SGA Executive Council.  Both Grove and SGA President Trenton Holloway expressed satisfaction with the proceedings of the past semester.

“I’m super proud of everything SGA has accomplished this semester as far as events as well as legislation in Senate,” said SGA president Trenton Holloway.

“We were able to organize some new organizations, bring those into Senate,and some new policies were implemented into the University, which is always impressive,” added Grove, a sophomore political science major.

Following the vice president’s call to order, the chaplain prayed over the student body, calling for peace and rest while referencing the demands the end of the semester brings.

The clerk then rose to call roll, sporting an unusual greaser style characterized by black pants, slick hair and, most notably, the tightest white t-shirt the student body had yet seen, in compliance with the Senate-mandated poll issued earlier in the week.

Student ambassador Amy McKelvey gave a report on past legislation. The only update was a reference to the clerk’s wardrobe change.

Junior council vice president Noah Curry presented a resolution asking that Creative Dining would offer smoothies all day in Brewer Dining Hall, instead of only at breakfast as is the current practice.

“I would just like to say that if this bill is passed, it would be a smooth move,” said Chad Knopp, senior marketing major.  

His affirmation of the resolution was met with laughter and applause by the senate body, and the legislation passed.

Freshman council members Aubrie Brister and Emma Sanders presented a resolution to allow students to hang Christmas lights in dorm rooms.  The resolution was tabled by sophomore class president Josiah McGee, who said that the rule is part of the fire code and therefore outside of Union’s control.

SGA Treasurer Austin Hamlett delivered an update and announced that the student body would be closing out the year with $1000 still in the coffers.

“We had money go to a lot of good organizations this year and I’m very happy with that,” said Hamlett, a sophomore nursing major.  

SAC president Mary Byars reminded students of May the 4th Be with U, a concert honoring the music of John Williams, who composed scores for film series such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.  The concert will be held May 4 at 8 p.m. in the G.M Savage Memorial Chapel.  

Byars also announced that SAC would host one more Movie on the Lawn on Friday, May 12.  The Lego Batman Movie will be shown, and drinks and snacks will be provided.