Senate hosts Dr. Dub and debates open dorm hours

The Student Senate meets every other Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. | Photo Courtesy of Miles Randall

Dr. Dub Oliver presented at Senate this past Wednesday to encourage students through a tough week, as well as present new information about the writing center.

For months, Union students wondered what the writing center would be, and tonight Dr. Dub Oliver addressed that.

“Most of it is the fitness center because what we have now is too small,” Oliver said. “There will also be an athletic training room which will be connected to the Fred Delay Gym.”

The new writing center will be in the SUB and the place where the pool was will be turned into a maker space for engineering students. The upstairs portion of the old library will be turned into office spaces for various departments. The school has yet to decide on a starting date since they need to raise money first.

Dr. Dub also thanked all organizations for their help during family weekend. Their contribution with booths and activities helped keep the weekend fun. Dub himself even participated in the activities.

“I still play with my fidget spinner, so I’m grateful,” he said.

Dub left the students with a challenge to show more gratitude.

“I challenge you: within 24 hours, have a conversation with someone about being grateful to share Union with them,” he said.

The first resolution presented was resolution 196-24 by Madeline Fleming, treasurer for the sophomore class. The resolution proposed extending open dorm hours for special circumstances like a birthday or a sporting event. Each student on campus would have one exception per year.

Hayley Lievers, senior broadcast journalism major, agreed with the resolution.

“I think it makes perfect sense,” Lievers said. “The argument that made me 100% vote in favor was the Super Bowl. No one wants to say, ‘All right guys, I know we want to know if the Patriots win, but its midnight. Get out.’”

The next resolution, 196-25, received support throughout the entire senate. The resolution asked that Union’s campus be decorated with Christmas lights during Christmas season. The bill passed almost unanimously.

Resolution 196-26 was the final resolution to be presented. Alpha Tau Omega requested $200 for their philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, to help with creating t-shirts, transportation for the blood drive and any other miscellaneous costs.

The next senate will be held on October 18.

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