VIDEO: Students go through Rush to find community

Roughly twenty-five percent of undergraduate students are active members of a Greek organization, making Greek Life a prominent presence on Union’s campus.  Any student who is not already affiliated with a Greek organization has the opportunity to join one on Union’s campus.

The process of joining a Greek organization is called Rush. A PNM (potential new member) will go to several parties hosted by a sorority or fraternity throughout Rush Week. However, after the first party, an invite to parties later in the week is not guaranteed. The last Rush Week event is Bid Day. On Bid Day, a PNM receives a bid card that contains what sorority or fraternity he or she has been invited to join. After opening the card, the new member will run to the house and celebrate with the active members of the chapter and other new members who also received a bid.

“I realized that being in a community of like-minded brothers who sought to bring out the best in me was one of the best things that I needed as a new student,” said Austin Orr, Junior member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

The reasons for joining a Greek organization vary with each individual. Most people assume that people join so they can have an immediate group of friends or because it is the presumed a “cool” thing to do.

“People are looking for a place for community and a place to get involved and a place to belong,” said Jenn Smith, Associate Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, as she explained why some people choose to join Greek Life.

The Greek community at Union is one that encourages and pushes its members to grow and get out of their comfort zone. Students are attracted to Greek life and join because they are looking for a place of community, friendship and growth.

“Greek Life has done nothing but grown me as a Christian, a man, and a person,” said Alec Stackley, Sophmore member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  “All of my brothers push me daily to be the best possible.”

Video by Thomas Gray, National Broadcasting Society.