Senate passes bills, funds underprivileged children

Students gathered for the final Senate of the semester. | Photo by Luke Brake

Chaplain Ben Melton began the senate with a devotion, reading from scripture and praying with themes of forgiveness and judgement. After calling roll, the senate moved on to David Taylor, who told the body that the website portal to access past bills was in development.
Trenton Holloway then reminded the body that they, in this last senate session, had $1250 left to spend in the semester. The funds would roll over to the Spring semester, but the body was ready to use the funds provided by the university. After the Spring semester, the funds would disappear.
The body moved to bill presentation to hear from the three bills and two resolutions of the night.
PRSSA, the Public Relations society, presented and passed a bill to give $200 for a trip to Boston, open to all students, to study PR firms. The bill would help to fund the travel costs of students interested in PR.
One resolution asked for Union to repair the disc golf course baskets around campus. Jonathan Greer from SAE presented the bill, showing pictures of baskets in states of disrepair. The resolution passed.
Another resolution asked for the repair of several crossing signs, sidewalks and other road safety systems around the Heritage Residential Complexes. Nathan Van Neste, Junior Council member, proposed an amendment adding the removal of a parking spot to give better visibility.

Jon Hall, from University Feminist Organization, reminded the body that parking spaces are difficult to remove for legal and zoning purposes. Van Neste responded that Dean Carrier still wanted to know what students were bothered by, even if it would not be feasible under current systems.
The amendment passed, and the resolution, now amended, passed as well.
Two bills, however, addressed an issue together. Senate only allows organizations to receive $200 a semester. Two organizations, Kappa Delta and the Exchange Club, asked for their $200 to help sponsor underprivileged kids in Jackson to receive Christmas gifts.
Thomas Wilson, President of the Exchange Club, explained the process to the body. The program gives underprivileged Jackson kids items off of a wish list they create. These children have aged out of the Carl Perkins Events Center’s usual program for younger children, and the Exchange Club is asking for sponsors so the kids will not stop receiving aid and gifts on Christmas just because they have aged out of the system. He told about how one girl on the list only asked for a blanket of her own. The system gives kids helpful and joyful gifts and tells them “hey, you’re not alone in this,” he said.
Both bills passed, giving $400 total to the charitable cause.

After the bills passed, the Ministry Leadership Team, a new club, was introduced to the senate. The Ministry Leadership Team serves to perform ministry action in Jackson including volunteering, Evangelism and prayer.

After organizational announcements, Senate closed its final meeting of the semester.

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