Preview: Bulldog Madness

Cheerleaders energize crowd during homecoming game in this file photo from last year | Photo by Emily Stookey

The gym floor was completely covered up with students wearing white shirts, laughing and cheering “U-U”.  As if on command, the volleyball ladder materialized in the middle of 300+ students and First Lady of Union Susie Oliver and Buster the Bulldog stood proudly at the top of it chanting “Never Forget”.

Bulldog Madness was coming to a close and many of the students were not ready to leave as they all huddled in small groups talking to their friends, laughing and taking pictures to remember the exciting evening forever.

Black lights, an electric atmosphere, a dunk show, unbelievable shooting, really old faculty members beating students in basketball. Bulldog Madness happens again tomorrow night at 8 p.m..

Cheerleaders will be handing out first-come, first-serve t-shirts outside of the gym before activities start.

To kick off the night, students are welcomed to join the cheerleaders in the Footloose Dance before the men and women’s teams are announced.

The men and women’s team will play and then…everyone’s favorite:

Faculty vs. students game.

The annual faculty vs. students is always the crowd favorite as faculty always beats students. Seniors will never forget Professor of Biblical Studies, Theology & Missions Paul Jackson  draining the last three to put faculty up two points to win the game three years ago.

“Since Coach Minaya [Union men’s former graduate assistant] won’t be playing this year, the students may have a chance,” senior broadcast journalism major, Tyler Stocking said. “But usually the refs and student body get behind the faculty once they see some of their favorite professors out there on the court.”

It’s a battle and immediate tension. Students want to cheer for their fellow classmates and fraternity brothers out of loyalty,but most students leave camaraderie behind and find themselves pulling for older men on the court killing the fresh and agile frat guys.

After the annual battle between young and old, select students will get the chance to win next semester’s tuition for free by making a half court shot.

To end the night, the cheerleaders will lead everyone in the middle of the gym in the electric slide.