Music Monday: Singleness Empowerment

Another Valentine’s Day spent alone? Fear not—chocolate goes on sale today, and this week’s Music Monday playlist should lift your spirits.

Chin up, friend. Singleness is not a curse! I have been single for approximately the last 21 years. As of today, I’ve been single longer than I ever have before, and it’s great. I can eat dinner whenever I want, and I don’t have to share my dessert.

Sometimes people try to make me feel insecure about my love life or lack thereof. And sometimes people succeed in making me feel insecure. But wait! We are all in different seasons of life, and there should be no shame in that. If I am not in a relationship then there is a good reason for that. People, just let me live my life! Let me celebrate where I am!

Why does Valentine’s Day have to usher self-pity into my life? I’m not even sad. I’m not going to sit around and cry just because I’m not in love. I am going to make the most of all the time that I am not spending with a significant other. Does everyone want me to be sad? Singleness is fun, and I love to celebrate it by listening to some of my favorite singleness empowerment songs:

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) — This is such a classic “You didn’t deserve me,” kind of song. This song just reminds me that the reason I’m single is because the right person hasn’t come along yet. And that’s okay! Thanks, Bey, for empowering the single ladies. Just because we aren’t dating doesn’t mean we can’t dance.

Independent Women Part I —I’m so thankful that someone finally said it; “I depend on me.” We don’t need any men. Holler.

Fight Song — I love this song because I always feel like I can conquer the world when I listen to it. You are a fighter! You can make a difference! You are the kind of person that smiles through the good times and the bad. You “only need one match to make an explosion.”

It’s time to turn up the volume and crank the tunes. Let the world hear that you can handle singleness, in fact, you’re thriving on singleness. You are so strong. You are beautiful. You are an unstoppable force. They might try and stop you, but they won’t succeed.

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Kaylee is a class of 2017 public relations major and a writer for the Cardinal & Cream. She is also the President of the Student Government Association at Union.