A Go Trip team of five students traveled to work with missionaries in Salt Lake City for the summer. | Submitted Photo

All normal expectations of everyday life had to be left behind for the Go Trip team headed to Salt Lake City over the summer. As Christians in a predominately Mormon area, they were in the drastic minority.

In Salt Lake City, the percentage of the population that identifies as religious is 72%, with just under 60% identifying as Later Day Saints or Mormons. Roman Catholics make up 9% of the population while other denominations, including Baptists and Presbyterians, add up to a total of 1%.

Junior math major Amy Murdaugh first thought about applying for a GO Trip because she wanted to be more invested in what God is doing in the United States and to be more involved in long-term ministry. After prayer and consideration, she decided to apply and, a few months later, she arrived in the city along with four other  Union students who have all graduated.

A typical day in Salt Lake City for Murdaugh and the team started with a morning devotional, followed by prayer and walks in one of the neighborhoods outside the city. The prayer walks themselves would consist of walking in the neighborhood for one or two hours praying for the area and the people who lived there. Around noon, the team would go into the city to eat lunch and try to start conversations with the people there. Those conversations lead to some very interesting realizations for Murdaugh and the whole team about the people there and the Mormon faith.

Some of the Mormons they conversed with did not see major differences between the God that Christians serve and the God the Mormons serve. That made the team realize that they had to be solid on their own faith and understanding of the gospel. Following those intense, personal conversations, the day was capped off with dinner and going door to door trying to start conversations.

“These activities helped me in being bold in sharing the gospel, meeting people, praying for people and realizing God is in control,” said Murdaugh.

Murdaugh said she encourages people who might be thinking about going on a Go Trip to pray about it, make sure it is something that God is calling them to and to stand firm in knowing God calls all his people to ministry.