Student Film Festival: 2015 Awards

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The twelfth annual Union Student Film Festival ended on a high note the evening of March 24. Here were the awards that were given:

Acting Awards:

Best Choreography: “The Fall”

Best Voiceover: Pamela Chau “The Fall”

Best Supporting Performances: Sam Jones “Die Walküre”

Best Female Comedic Performance: Melissa Locke “Forward”

Best Male Comedic Performance: James Watlington “Forward”

Best Female Dramatic Performance: Pamela Chau “The Fall”

Best Male Dramatic Performance: Dominique Willingham “Midnight Snack”

Technical Awards – Individual:

Best Editing: Timothy Simpson “The Fall”

Best Cinematography: Timothy Simpson “The Fall”

Best Screenplay: Rian Trotter and Kathryn Feathers “Forward”

Best Director: Timothy Simpson “The Fall”

Technical Awards – Overall: 

Best Original Score: Terminus “The Fall”

Best Use of Music: “Hello”

Best Title Design: “Die Walküre”

Best Production Design: “The Fall”

Best Visual Effects: “The Fall”

Student Choice Awards:

SAC Student Choice Award (with a 100 dollar prize): “Midnight Snack” by Gabe Farmer

Jury Awards:

Best Short Form Film with 125 dollar prize: “Hello” by Cailey Jones and Josh Stephens

Best Long Form Film with 150 dollar prize: “The Fall” by Timothy Simpson

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