SGA and MOSAIC to host Cardinal Ball

The Cardinal Ball is a campus-wide formal event for students to enjoy fellowship and dancing. | Graphic submitted by Bethany Kindt

Elegance, dancing and fellowship among students is returning to Union April 25 as SGA and MOSAIC partner to host the Cardinal Ball.The event will take place from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. at the New Southern Building in Jackson, and tickets are now available for purchase for individuals as well as couples outside Brewer dining hall.

Clare Williams, junior intercultural studies major and SGA junior class treasurer, has helped organize various aspects of the formal event.

Students can expect dancing, food and a photo booth at the event, she said.

MOSAIC, an organization that seeks to provide a community for all students, especially racial and ethnic minorities, will be providing some of the food for the evening.

“[MOSAIC] is going to put a little twist on your typical party food and drink,” Williams said. “It’s going to be very classy, very elegant.”

The overall event will mirror last year’s Ball with dancing and fellowship as the main emphasis.

“Some people have asked why there isn’t as much social media attention to Cardinal Ball when last year they were pushing it really hard,” said Trey Gerrell, junior Christian thought and tradition major and SGA vice president of the junior class. “[I]t’s because we don’t want to take away from V-show with it being so close.”

To win a set of two free tickets, students are encouraged to enter the social media competition by posting a picture or video to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #UUSGA that shows how they asked their date to the Ball.

All surplus proceeds from ticket sales go toward Area Relief Ministries (Hub Club) in Jackson, Gerrell said.

Image courtesy of Graphic submitted by Bethany Kindt
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