Senate highlights blue book accessibility, upcoming events


The 195th session of Student Senate was held last night in Harvey Hall.

Recaps of former bills and Homecoming results in the previous Senate were announced.

The bill for fish allowance in residence dorm buildings has been accommodated in the new version of the handbook as it has been passed through administration and has one more phase to go through before becoming official.

A bill for Union Station to sell and provide necessary testing materials such as Blue Books and engineering paper for students encountered the most resistance during the meeting.

Senator Christian Winter, senior Christian studies major, opposed the bill suggesting that students who are not proactive in preparing for tests should not be rewarded for their laziness.

Anna Goodman, senior communications studies major, clarified that the school supplies would not be given away and continue being sold at Lifeway.

“The hours are more accessible at Union Station than Lifeway. You can still be a proactive student and be locked out of Lifeway if you have an early class and forget,” Anderson Underwood, junior intercultural studies major, said.

The bill was passed with a majority decision.

BIOME presented a bill asking for the allocation of $175 for backpacking trip supplies. The bill passed with a majority decision.

Seth Reid, sophomore history major, proposed a resolution asking that the ping pong paddles, ping pong balls and nets of the McAfee ping pong table be replaced. The resolution was passed with little debate.

Jeremiah Murila, senior electrical engineering major, presented the final bill seeking $200 for the International Student Union to host the international food fair. The bill passed in a majority decision.

After legislation, senators heard from Benton Hurt, SGA treasurer and junior biology major, about the remaining $250 budget for bills with only one money-allocating Senate remaining in the semester. Bills are encouraged to be submitted early to the senate office before the Nov. 11 Senate.

Student Activities Council promoted the Casey Jones Hullabaloo this Saturday, the Psychology Club will be collecting and donating canned foods to RIFA for Campus and Community Day in the Psychology suite.

Dub Senate will be held Oct. 28. Students are encourages to come and ask questions, and legislation will resume at the following session.

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