Freshman Friday: Samantha and Sabrina Morris

Sabrina, left, and Samantha, right, are both art majors.
Sabrina, left, and Samantha, right, are taking all their classes together this semester. | Photo by Tiffany Rose Dawson
Sabrina, left, and Samantha, right, are taking all their classes together this semester. | Photo by Tiffany Rose Dawson

Samantha and Sabrina Morris will never lack study buddies this semester. The sisters are taking all their classes together—they help each other study and quiz each other, which they find easier and faster than studying alone.

Occasionally, the soft-spoken girls smile at each other and giggle or quietly talk to each other.

But the freshman art majors aren’t twins; Samantha is exactly one year, one month, and five days older than Sabrina. Some of their professors get them mixed up, but it doesn’t bother them. They took a couple of classes together at Bolivar Central High School and their teachers mixed them up a lot.

Samantha began attending Union last fall, but a family emergency kept her from coming back in the spring.

“We will take as many classes as we can together, but since I’m a semester ahead, we won’t be able to take some of the required courses together,” Samantha said.

When alone, the sisters talk about “whatever pops into our heads, no matter how ridiculous it sounds,” Samantha said. Both like animals, are quiet and are “somewhat random,” she said, although she believes Sabrina is quieter and more random than her.

Sabrina enjoys drawing, especially drawing people in the semi-realistic style, which she described as “more realistic looking cartoons.” Although she has been drawing all her life, she has taken it more seriously the past two years. She would like to be a concept artist and design characters, backgrounds and other things in movies, or be a story board artist and design movie scenes.

Samantha enjoys photography and working with her hands, especially crocheting, knitting and experimenting with cooking. She wants to be a varied artist after graduation and do anything she can pick up.

They don’t have particularly artistic family members, “it just happened” that they both have similar interests, they said.

But like all sisters, they have slightly different tastes. Samantha likes Stephen King books and Korean and European pop music, among other genres. Sabrina likes fantasy books, Korean Pop, show tunes and jazz.

Samantha and Sabrina spend a lot of time together at home in Hornsby, Tennessee, a small town between Selmer and Bolivar. During their 45-minute commute to Union they sometimes study, and Sabrina drinks coffee. They live with their dad, Sabrina’s Chihuahua Earl Grey and Samantha’s Pomeranian dog Klondike.

They heard about Union in high school from their U.S. History teacher, a Union graduate, and chose to attend Union because of its Christian atmosphere.

“I kind of like getting a Christian perspective on the arts,” said Sabrina, whose favorite class is 2-D Foundations.

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