Olivers welcomed to Brewer with Mexican food


In honor of Inauguration Week, Samuel W. “Dub” and Susie Oliver, president of the university and first lady, had a Mexican-themed luncheon with students in the Brewer Dining Hall. | Photo by MiKalla Cotton, staff photographer
An unusually large crowd of students gathered in Brewer Dining Hall Wednesday to enjoy “Tex-Mex” food and fellowship with Samuel W. “Dub” and Susie Oliver, president and first lady of Union, as part of this week’s homecoming events.

Mexican mariachi music played over the loudspeakers, and a piñata hung from the ceiling in the middle of Brewer. Aramark workers served Mexican lasagna, southwestern-style wraps and pizza with taco toppings. In the middle of the serving area stood a five-foot cake replica of Miller Belltower. The cake was designed and baked by Laurie Matlock, Aramark location manager.

“Today we officially welcome Dr. Dub and Susie Oliver to Brewer, and we have menu items that are some of Dr. Oliver’s favorites,” said Tony Meek, Aramark food services director. “We’re going to change the name from hump day to ‘Dub Day’”

Meek said he walked through Brewer before the Olivers entered and encouraged students to join him in calling the luncheon ‘Dub Day.’

The Olivers arrived to the festivities a little after noon and were welcomed by students who wanted to speak and take photos with them. At 12:15 p.m., Jared Dauenhauer, assistant director of student leadership and engagement, announced that a random student would be called on to break the piñata in honor of the Olivers. Garyn McIntyre, sophomore theatre major, took three blind swings at the piñata and broke it.

“I thought the lunch was a lot of fun, and the music was a nice touch,” said Emily Carter, junior social work major.

Morgan Morfe, junior social work major, agreed that the music made Brewer an exciting place to be on a rainy day during homecoming week.

Bryan Carrier, vice president for student life and dean of students, said this is the first luncheon of its type to happen during homecoming week.

Image courtesy of MiKalla Cotton
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