Photography students host private gallery

Heather Hornbeak introduces the artists to begin the viewing of Paradox, a photography show at Steel Fab Inc. in downtown Jackson, Tenn. Oct. 13. | Photo by MiKalla Cotton, staff photographer

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Heather Hornbeak’s Photography 03: Advanced Photography and Digital Practice class hosted a gallery Monday, Oct. 13. While this gallery was put on for the class, it was orchestrated entirely by the students involved in the gallery. Hornbeak, adjunct instructor of art, gave her students complete freedom to organize it the way they wanted.

“The assignment was for them to pick one of them and for them all to use that theme and have relevance with each other’s work,” said Hornbeak. “The whole point was for them to organize it and really let them put it all together on their own.”

The gallery, “Paradox,” featured the work of students Amanda Rohde, Hannah Halter, Becca Rogers, Courtney Brown and Emily Traylor focused on the different meanings and examples of paradox that could be captured in a photograph.

“The theme was paradox, so we all used a synonym for that word and use it for our pieces,” said Becca Rogers, junior art major. “We each find a word and use that in our showing.”

Rogers and Emily Traylor, a junior art major, highlighted the process of preparing for a gallery like this.

“We find the people we want to shoot, take the photos and then we all critique our work together to pick out which ones we want to use for the gallery,” said Rogers.

“We’ve had to deal a lot with getting the location set and getting invitations set and catering,” said Traylor. “There are a lot of details going into this and a lot of great teamwork as we get everything settled.”

The students know how important putting on a gallery like this is for their portfolio; Hornbeak assigned it for that reason.

“I did this assignment because any kind of event is really great for putting on their resume in the future,” said Hornbeak. “It just shows that they had a public viewing of their artwork and they did it all by themselves.”

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