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Richard Linklater’s most recent project, “Boyhood” is already being called one of the best movies of the year. Not only is the film great in its own right, the way it was filmed makes it even more unique. “Boyhood” was filmed using the same cast over a 12-year period and tells a very true coming-of-age story of a boy named Mason.

When the main character of a movie literally grows up on the screen before your eyes, it changes what a coming-of-age film means. “Boyhood” follows Mason all the way through his school years, from the 1st grade to his high school graduation. “Boyhood” shows Mason and his sister Sam growing up in a Texas home with their divorced mother, Olivia, and intermittent appearances by their father, Mason Sr. The film carefully navigates the rocky landscape of a tough childhood in a tangible way that few films can.

Because “Boyhood” was shot in real time over the last 12 years, the film is able to stir the hearts of the generation who grew up alongside Mason. Not only does the film grow with Mason technically and visually, but the soundtrack is also fitting throughout, opening with Coldplay’s 2000 hit “Yellow” and closing with Arcade Fire’s “Dark Blue,” released in 2010.

Whether it’s through the visual or audio, or the relate-able story, “Boyhood” is one of the most accurate portrayals of childhood there is. With Linklater’s unique directing style and the novelty of shooting with the same cast over such a long period of time, “Boyhood” is one of the most refreshing and unique films of the year.

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