Local rapper G-Child launches missional clothing line

G-Child, local Christian rapper, wears items from his RED INK clothing line, which stands for ‘Reviving everything dead into new kreatures.’ | Photo by Anne Richoux

Anyone will tell you that you’re supposed to see billboards, not hear them, but Robert Underwood, otherwise known as “G-Child: A Product of Grace,” will say otherwise.

G- Child is a locally based Christian rapper whose story is unlike most Christian musicians. He wasn’t raised in church and was living what he calls the “street life.”

G-Child said he was involved in gangs and drugs as a teenager until the day that he heard a voice in his head saying, “If they listen to you for the bad, what makes you think they won’t listen to you for the good?”

G-Child said that he knew immediately that God was calling him to ministry and left his old life behind.

However, it took some time for him to find his ministry: music. This is where the billboard idea comes in.

“The music becomes a billboard,” said G-Child, adding he wants to use his music to draw people in so that they can hear the Gospel.

“His music is very uplifting and you can hear his passion for Christ all through his music, and you can hear his testimony throughout his music also,” said Demarcus Evans, one of G-Child’s producers.

G-Child knows that music isn’t the only way to reach people, and that’s why he’s been working on his clothing line, RED INK: “Reviving everything dead into new kreatures.”

This label draws its inspiration from 2 Corinthians 5:17, which says “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!”

G-Child said he wants to use his brand to help connect with people and share the Gospel, much like his music.

The message and ministry he is trying to share with RED INK is this: “50 percent Hood plus 50 percent Church = 100 percent ministry,” which represents that “no matter what community I’m in, and no matter what church I’m at, I will give you the Gospel.”

G-Child said he doesn’t want the word “hood” to have the negative implication that it does and uses it in his clothing as a word that simply means “neighborhood.”

This clothing line matches up perfectly with G-Child’s billboard theme. Not only does G-Child want his music to be a billboard, he also wants his clothing to be one.

Evans has also helped with G-Child’s RED INK clothing line.

“I think his ministry ideas are pretty dope,” Evans said. “He uses his ideas as a billboard to show how he feels about Christ and to spread his message.”

He wants to be a walking billboard for the Gospel with his music and with his clothing line, he said.

“I live by a standard that we must not just preach the Gospel, not just teach it, but we must become it, meaning that we walk it out with boldness and grace and love,” he said, also noting that in order to change the culture, “we must inspire, impact, impart and engage the culture with our very lives, and with the Gospel.”

G-Child has music available for streaming on SoundCloud and is present on social media. He also is booking shows and working on releasing his RED INK clothing line soon.



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