Freshman Friday: Bryce Jackson

Bryce Jackson

Bryce Jackson
Bryce Jackson is a freshman business major. | Photo by Amanda Rohde
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Bryce Jackson, from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, has made his new home in Jarman by flying his nation’s flag outside of his window.

The freshman business major lived on an American compound owned by a joint Saudi-American oil company before moving to Jackson, Tennessee, to attend Union University.

“I attended school, pre-k through 8th grade, at the American school there,” Jackson said. “Starting high school, I attended Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Virginia. After two years there, I transferred to Stony Brook High School in Stony Brook, New York.”

The 18-year-old applied to seven different colleges, but Union offered him the most substantial scholarship.

Just two weeks into his first semester, Jackson is already familiar with Jarman traditions. He knows that the building won the Union Cup last year and that the residents “engage in a lot of shenanigans.” However, his favorite thing about his living arrangements is having his own room, rather than having to share a small space with two or three others like he did during his time at Fort Union Military Academy.

With no particular emphasis in the business school, as of yet, the first-year student is taking mostly core classes this fall. His only non-core class is Introduction to Political Science with Micah Watson, associate professor of political science and director of the Center for Politics and Religion. Watson is Jackson’s favorite professor this semester.

Of the university’s 16th president, Samuel W. “Dub” Oliver, Jackson said, “I like his nickname. He seems pretty cool.”

Wearing a size 13 shoe, Jackson is looking forward to upper-division intramural basketball and is interested in flag football and softball as well.

Like many college students, Jackson has a Netflix account. He just finished the television series “Jericho” and has recently started watching the Netflix original “BoJack Horseman.” He plans on juggling his classes, basketball and Netflix with a part-time job.

Jackson prefers Coburn Dining Hall over the Lexington Inn and is excited about an extended Winter Break. When asked his favorite color of ice pop, Jackson responded in a relaxed, yet definitive tone, “Blue, easily.”

Image courtesy of Amanda Rohde|Cardinal & Cream
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