How to: Survive finals week

Finals Survival Guide
Finals Survival Guide

Ready or not, finals week is quickly approaching. Because there is no way of avoiding the inevitable, there are certain tactics to keep in mind when trying to dominate the world of exams.

1. Your body is not made to run for 24 full hours.

This is crucial. Often, there is a tendency for college students to stay awake for long periods of time to study as much as possible. While this is helpful for some, it is not a great decision for most.

According to Harvard Medical School, sleep is like any other bodily function that we need: “Just as eating relieves hunger and ensures that we obtain the nutrients we need, sleeping relieves sleepiness and ensures that we obtain the sleep we need.”

2. Study in increments.

College students tend to say “I am going to sit here until I understand these notes!” Well, think again.

Giving yourself down time between intense study sessions makes getting back into the rhythm of studying a little easier. When your mind knows it is getting a break soon, it can more easily absorb information. Watch the video from that explains how to manage time.

3. Stress less.

When you go into the exam, you either know the material or you do not. Stressing out to the point of sickness is not going to help you make a better grade. If you feel as thought you do not know it, all of your hard studying will likely pay off in another section of the test. explains why stress is not a friend to the body all of the time: “Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked and stress-related tension builds.”

4. Have confidence.

No matter what, you must be confident in what you are doing. When you walk into the classroom, you have done all you can, and worrying is not necessary. Walk into that classroom like you are Beyoncé walking on stage.


Following some of these tips will make surviving finals week a little easier. Know that you are not the only student feeling pressure. Remember that everyone around you is in the same boat.

Everyone wants to do well on their exams, but stressing out, having bad study habits and being sleep-deprived does not play a positive role in the life of a college student. Studying as much as possible while also getting a decent amount of sleep and maintaining confidence is the safest road to travel.

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