Enactus installs new fountains, promotes recycling water bottles

Water fountains
Water fountains
Students will see new water fountains in the Penick Academic Complex and the Blasingame Academic Complex. | Photo by MiKalla Cotton

Union’s Enactus Rehydration Station project involved the installation of four water machines across campus to reduce the use of plastic water bottles on campus.

The sensor-activated water machines not only make it easier for students to refill their bottles but also keep a count of the number of water bottles that have been refilled.

“This project aims to reduce waste that is caused by using plastic water bottles,” said Matthew Street, senior business administration major and Enactus president. “With these stations, we also hope to raise awareness about recycling.”

Junior business administration major Dalton DeLuca and senior Economics major John Melton led the project.

“Enactus chose this project because it not only makes life easier for our Union community, but it is also a first step to a cleaner world,” said Melton. “This project will show the student body how easy it is to make simple changes in their everyday lives in order to create a better, cleaner world.”

Four water machines have been installed on campus — one in each of the following buildings: the Blasingame Academic Complex, Penick Academic Complex, White Hall and the Wellness Center.

Street said that in two weeks, 310 water bottles were refilled with the first water station in the BAC.

“This means that will be about 2,400 per month with all four installed, which will hopefully save at least 30,000 plastic bottles from being thrown away per year,” said Street.

The main sponsor of the Rehydration Station project is Polk Glover, an alumnus from Union of the class of 1961.

DeLuca said that Enactus members are constantly seeking out new projects and sponsors as well as fundraising ideas.

“We already had a few sponsors ready to put their money towards a good project, and when they heard about the Rehydration Stations they were all for them,” DeLuca said.

Jamie Tutor, sophomore athletic training major, said he enjoyed using the machine and thinks it is a simple and effective way to eliminate pollution.

He added he thinks the project is a great addition on Union’s campus.

DeLuca and Melton researched and developed a marketing campaign for the Rehydration Stations project.

In addition to the installation of the water machines, they also ordered new Union reusable water bottles that can be purchased or exchanged for 25 empty plastic bottles.

“This way we can recycle these used bottles and give students a way to stop using plastic bottles and start refilling their own reusable water bottles,” Melton said.
DeLuca said that being a project leader has helped him realize how easy it is to make a difference, even if it is just a small one.
Street said Enactus gives students the opportunity to make a difference in Union as well as the Jackson community.
He added that project leaders gain real life experience working with local business leaders and Union’s administration leaders.


Image courtesy of Cardinal & Cream|Cardinal & Cream