Artists of the Week: Garyn McIntyre, Betsy Marsch, Doug May

Artists of the Week

Editor’s note: This is an ongoing series meant to highlight student artists in art, music and theater on Union’s campus.

Theater – Garyn McIntyre

Garyn McIntyre
Garyn McIntyre

Garyn McIntyre, freshman theatre and psychology major, said he has loved theater since he was 4 years old, performing in church and community plays throughout his childhood.

In his first semester, McIntyre was a member of the UU Improv team and played a large role in Union’s fall production of “Magic.” He will next be seen playing multiple roles in Union’s production of “Hamlet.”

“I’m learning a lot about the behind the scenes stuff, which is something I’ve never done,” McIntyre said. “I kind of got thrown into it when I came to college, so I’ve hit the ground running.”

McIntyre said he became interested in theater when he was 4 years old and his parents showed him a video of the musical “Cats.”

“Garyn had a natural knack for creating funny and believable characters,” said Ralph Gabriel, McIntyre’s former drama teacher at Overton High School in Nashville. “He was always a showstopper, and he could be counted on to be prepared and completely in the moment.”

McIntyre is also on the Student Activities Council.

“My true passion is acting,” McIntyre said. “But I’m enjoying all of it.”

Art – Betsy Marsch

Betsy Marsch
Betsy Marsch

Betsy Marsch, senior art major, said she came to Union because they offered her good financial aid, and she decided to be an art major because of Union’s great art faculty.

“It was all quite pragmatic,” Marsch said. “But I love being an art major, and I love Union, so pragmatism worked out pretty well for me.”

Marsch, who is also involved with the Honors community, said she loves the community in the art department. The faculty and students respect each other, but they can also enjoy time together.

“We’re notorious for staying up late working in the studio,” Marsch said. “When you work side-by-side with someone until 6 a.m. you get to know them pretty well.”

This semester, Marsch is working on a collection of portraits.

“I’m really looking forward to having the series come together as a whole,” Marsch said.  “I’m still learning how to capture individual likenesses expressively while retaining detail.”

In March, Marsch will display some of her paintings at the Art Salon segment of the C3 Conference in Nashville.

“Betsy Marsch is a very capable student who pursues excellence with everything she does,” Chris Nadaskay, university professor of art, said. “She has fine intellect and her work reflects her thought processes.”

Music –Doug May

Doug May
Doug May

Doug May, junior music education major, says most of his friends are in the music department because it is where he spends most of his time.

“I don’t know what it is about the arts, but they have a way of bringing us together,” May said. “Especially when something happens like what happened to us recently, you see us just flock together for comfort.”

May is a member of Opera Workshop and University Singers

May says one of his favorite things he does is work with the Community Music Center. He works with the third-grade through sixth-grade choirs.

“I teach music and help conduct class,” May said. “Basically, I’m like a student assistant.”

May has also been a Life Group leader, and he is involved with the Student Government Association as the Junior Class Secretary.

May says he wants to pursue his masters of divinity in church music upon graduation from Union.


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