Graphic design students sell original posters today, Friday on campus

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Union’s chapter of the American Institute for Graphic Artists on campus is hosting Poster Palooza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today and Friday in the Student Union building hallway just outside of Barefoots Joe.
Graphic design students get to show off and advertise their work. They will sell different kinds of posters and greeting cards they have created at the event.
“We want to be able to show our work and allow people to see our work,” said Luke Pennington, a junior digital media studies major with an emphasis in communication arts. “With the money we raise, we are looking into getting a high-profile designer to come to Union and lead a workshop with us.”
The standard digitally printed posters will cost $5, and hand-printed silkscreen posters will cost $10.
They will also sell one-of-a-kind greeting cards that sell for $2.50 per card.
Several posters will be available for pre-order while some will be ready to take home right away on the day of the event.
“We are excited about the sale,” said Ben Hamilton, senior digital media studies major. “We really hope that people will also get excited about having awesome student-made artwork available to purchase.”
This is the second semester the AIGA chapter on campus has sponsored the event and allowed the students to display their artwork. The first sale was held in late fall last year.
The sale was originally created to allow the graphic design students to channel their passion in a way that is beneficial for them and the Union community.
It is a way for them to use their talents and to be able to give back to the university.
“We knew that the university no longer allowed outside vendors in for poster sales,” said Melinda Posey, assistant professor of art. “We saw this as a great opportunity to fill a need for campus as well as raise awareness for AIGA as a whole.”
The sale represents not only individual students’ work, but it also includes other art and design pieces from group artists such as “This World I Found” and “Moonshine Print House.”
“This semester we are really trying to make some cool posters available for students who are looking to add some art to their dorms for the semester,” Hamilton said. “The fall is when you determine what you want your dorm to look like for quite a while, and we want to give students a unique way to decorate.”
Anyone interested in graphic design is welcome to visit the chapter’s weekly meetings. The group hosts many guest speakers, workshops, portfolio development sessions and more.
“We hope that the Union public enjoys the poster sale,” Pennington said. “Feel free to give us requests for next semester’s poster sale.”