Summer interns’ on-the-job attire factors into rate of success

Kelsey McFarland, sophomore music and psychology double major, models business-appropriate clothing. | Photo by Anna Richoux

By Alexus Brock, Staff Writer

Summer is a refreshing time to replenish all those hours of lost sleep and enjoy the pleasure of being young. However, people with regular jobs and internships this summer have other things in mind — business wear.

Students concerned about how to dress for a certain type of job should consider the employer’s point of view.

“It is better to go in professionally dressed, looking your best and then, if you discover that the fashion is more casual … you can dress down,” said Jacque Hillman, custom content editor for The Jackson Sun and vice president of the Jackson chapter of the Business and Professional Women of   Tennessee.

Hillary Craft, junior media communications major and former student ambassador, said a person does not have to spend a fortune to buy business attire.

“There are plenty of ways to stretch your wardrobe if you have a few staple pieces like blazers and dress pants,” Craft said.

Shades of coral and clean, simple attire with colorful or big jewelry is very “in” right now. Men should think in terms of “church clothes,” which consists of button-ups, ties and dress pants. One trend for men is to wear a button-up under a pullover sweater with khakis, she said.

Alexander Roberts, junior computer science major, will be interning this summer with Verizon Wireless in Boston, Mass.

Roberts said because he will have a behind-the-scenes position, he can wear a collared polo shirt and khakis. Interns who work with the business department of the company usually wear suits and ties, he said.

Hillman, of The Jackson Sun, mentioned that when a person walks into an interview improperly dressed she instantly doubts whether the applicant will take the position seriously.

“My feeling is, if you think so little about this company and this job that you would show up in what you were running in, then why should I give you this job?” Hillman said.

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