‘Holly Jolly Dodgeball’ tournament is Friday

By Jill Miller
Staff Writer

What better way to end a week of stressful end-of-term classes than with a game of dodgeball?

The Athletics Training Student’s Association will host “Holly Jolly Dodgeball” Friday on campus.

“This organization is a place for student athletic trainers to come and have hands-on experience learning as a group,” said Kara Kitchens, vice president of the association.

The tournament raises funds to help students attend national conventions — iLead and the Southwestern Athletic Trainer’s Association’s Athletic Training Student Symposium — to learn about athletic training techniques, Kitchens said.

Because clinicals and travel are costly, the group’s hope is to raise funds that help members attend conventions.

Members voted on dodgeball for the fundraiser because it’s uncommon, Kitchens said.

The tournament is open to anyone who wants to play: Students, faculty, staff, family and friends.

It is even open to some athletic training preceptors, or organizations that help educate students in the field by giving students experience and help train them, such as West Tennessee Healthcare, she said.

Teams pay $25 to enter the tournament and should have six-to-10 members. It is a co-ed tournament, so at least one female should be on the court at all times.

A trophy will be awarded for first place and second place and a prize will be awarded for best costume.

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