Annual Golf & Gala event features former quarterback Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, former NFL quarterback and current FOX Sports analyst, addressed students, faculty and donors during the fourth annual Roy L. White Legacy Golf and Gala. | Photo by Ebbie Davis

By Beth Byrd, Staff Writer

Terry Bradshaw is known for many achievements – four Super Bowl championships and a lengthy career as a broadcaster, to name a few. Building a chicken coop, however, is not an accomplishment normally associated with the former quarterback.

Attendees of the fourth annual Roy L. White Legacy Golf and Gala April 26 had the chance to learn more about Bradshaw’s life, including his passion for family, faith and farming.

During his gala speech, he talked about how to approach life with the right attitude. Bradshaw encouraged people to take charge of their lives and to develop a vision to achieve their goals.

He also spoke about humility and how people cannot do everything on their own.

“I don’t care how bad things are or how bad the economy is. … We get nothing if we do not thank someone else,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw said he had experienced his fair share of problems, including three failed marriages. However, he reminded attendees of the value of life itself, saying that a person should always thank God for another day – regardless of life’s problems.

Bradshaw grew up in Louisiana, where he said he helped his grandfather plow watermelon fields with Clydesdale horses. From that experience, Bradshaw developed his love for horses and farming.

Although Bradshaw plans in June to sell the horses on his ranch, he said he owns a variety of other animals, including cows, chickens, pigs and a donkey.

“When I was through playing, I wanted nothing to do with football. … ” Bradshaw said. “If it was not for television, I would have just been a farmer.”

If not for Bradshaw’s father, he may have become farmer, too. A member of the football team at Louisiana Tech University, Bradshaw said he planned to go bass fishing on the day of football draft announcements.

He had to stay home because of his father’s insistence, initially upsetting Bradshaw but ultimately allowing him to discover he had been selected to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bradshaw’s love for the outdoors is just one of his passions. Speaking at more than 40 events annually, Bradshaw enjoys public speaking and said he has developed his own style for it.

“Mr. Bradshaw was selected as a speaker for this event because of how he has demonstrated excellence in his life in so many areas of life,” said Landon Preston, director of donor relations. “While Bradshaw has had his share of struggles and failures, he has spoken openly and honestly about these, reflecting an attitude of sincerity and humility.”

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