TriBeta chartered: Biology department hosts first initiation ceremony

Amanda Eills (left), senior biology major and former TriBeta president, and Julie Cobb, senior biology major, demonstrate how to use the plates in the biology lab. | Photo by Ebbie Davis

By Savannah Treleven, Staff Writer

Union’s Biology Department hosted its first initiation ceremony for the honor society of TriBeta, Nov. 15.

TriBeta is a biological honorary society for “students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research,” according to the national TriBeta website.

The students involved can submit their research to be published in the TriBeta journal, BIOS, and even present their work at national conventions.

Amanda Ellis, senior biology major and former president of TriBeta, proposed the idea of bringing the society to Union in August 2010.

She said she wanted to try to raise interest in biology, and it is a good way for students to get their work out in public. Ellis said it looks good on a resume.

Tamara Popplewell, assistant professor of biology and the faculty liaison for TriBeta, said many of the biology majors are going to be applying to professional graduate programs after they graduate from Union.

“(TriBeta) is good for when they are applying to professional schools to let them know that they’ve been involved,” Popplewell said.

Before TriBeta was brought to Union, the department did not have a way to recognize the work and research the biology students had been doing.

At the initiation ceremony, Dr. Chrisi Magrath from Troy (Ala.) University presented the society with its first charter.

“I am really excited … you could become part of the charter,” she told the students. The students are very deserving of this charter, she said.

Each student pledged they would “promote the idealism of TriBeta, stay true to its interest, be mindful of its honor and help to accomplish its objectives.”

Becoming a member of TriBeta is by invitation, depending on the student’s GPA.

A total of 26 students and eight faculty members from Union were initiated into the Kappa Alpha Kappa chapter of TriBeta.

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