Fall fashion includes military, lace trends

Holly Jay, sophomore intercultural studies major, models a used military trench coat with a lace top and vintage pearls, inspired by current trends. | Photo by Deanna Santangelo

By Abby Ott

The trends this season are so apparent they are screaming.

Military-inspired photo shoots are in countless magazine pages, but what does this trend look like for everyday wear?

Many stores today are carrying jackets embellished with utilitarian buttons and tops in navy and army green. Metal wear is being used for adornment on shoes, jewelry and outerwear.

The next challenge is figuring out how to make these items less harsh and more wearable. Play up the contrast of stark military items with the softness of feminine garb. Lace, another trend for fall, is a novel way to counterbalance the military look. In order to successfully wear lace during the day, think innovatively.

If you are wearing lace, “make sure you have a lot of layering going on,” said Adrien Johnson, co-manager of Express in Jackson. “Sweeten it up with a cardigan so it does not look like you are going to a pajama party.”

Layering lace and other clothing is a sure bet this fall. Combining layers of clothes creates depth to any outfit. Blend textures and do not be afraid to mix things up.

In addition to the military-inspired trend, there is a call for refinement. Now, dressing up is more accessible and more comfortable than ever.

“A lot of people want to look dressed up, but they do not want to have to actually dress up,” said Ronny Perry, manager of Express.

Now, most stores have picked up on the mentality of making formal pieces quick and easy to incorporate with an ensemble. For example, blazers are no longer made just for an office setting.

“Our suiting section is now being mixed in with everyday wear,” Johnson said.

For men and women, the blazer can almost always be incorporated with jeans and a simple shirt. Dress pants are even being worn outside of the office. Perry said typical dress pants now have a slimmer cut. That change makes them easier to combine with flats and more casual tops as well.

As far as accessories are concerned, size matters.

“Big jewelry. Big everything. Huge cocktail rings. Pearls,” Johnson said.

Jewelry can also be a tool for making an outfit dressier without a lot of effort.

Do not worry, there are plenty of ways to make an easy outfit appear more thought out without making new purchases.

Trends do not have to be limited to new items, they can be a new way to wear older items. For example, cuffing skinny jeans or dress pants makes legs seem leaner, especially when paired with heels. In addition, socks with heels are the rage this fall. Try the pairing if you want to look more adventurous. Gray or black socks may be the best to start out mildly. Every now and then just changing minor details can make a large impact on an outfit.

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