The Mountains Call to Me

February 16, 2017 Sabrina Clendenin

“I’m probably so unequipped for this- but I’m doing it,”  senior nursing major, Brittney Schlatter, said as she adjusted and readjusted the grip on her water cup while sitting at the corner table of the [more]

Senior Spotlight: Kayla Ketner

March 25, 2015 DeShawn Manley

“Savor your time here,” said Kayla Ketner, senior English and political science double major. “This is, in the grand scheme of things, a very short time in your life. Do everything you can, get involved in [more]

Freshman Friday: Sam Edgren

October 31, 2014 Katherine Burgess

Sam Edgren’s dorm room is filled with swords, Shakespeare and volumes of mythology. After a mere three months, the freshman theater and speech education major already calls the campus “home.” “It is very possibly one [more]

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