Weekend Watch: Family Movie Night

While I was growing up, movie night was always a big deal in my home. Probably because my dad embodies the term “movie buff” and I’m pretty sure that “watching movies” is one of his love languages. Movie night happened at least once a week, and every week, without fail, there was a heated debate about what movie we could all agree on. My dad, my brother and I tended to appreciate more of the comedic style movies, while my mom and my sister wanted to watch a cheesy romance movie. Usually, we would compromise, to my father’s despair, and go for a rom-com.

One fall night when I was about 11 or 12, my dad was out of town for business, my brother was held up late at practice, and my sister was staying at a friend’s house. It was just my mom and I left for movie night, and movie night had to commence! Somehow, my mom roped me into watched Pride and Prejudice.

My worst nightmare was coming true! Not only was this a super cheesy, make-you-weep, romance movie, it was also a historical romance movie. I was in too deep, and I couldn’t dig myself out. There was no way I could tell my mom no and walk away from her sad, lonely eyes, so I zipped my lip and watched the entire movie. Keep in mind, this was the era before it was appropriate for a child of my age to have a cell phone, so I had nothing to distract myself with.

As I watched the movie, I became more engrossed in the characters, their relationships, and their stories. As a young girl, I didn’t quite understand the concept of pride or prejudice and how it related to this movie, but I did understand that I wanted love to win. By the end of the movie, love had prevailed, and all I wanted to do was watch it happen again!

Over the years, I’ve watched and re-watched Pride and Prejudice too many times to keep track of. Eventually, the title made sense. The beautiful and swoon-worthy Mr. Darcy lays down his prejudice of money and stature for a girl he believes to be worth more than any dowry; while the girl, Elizabeth, lays down her pride of independence and self-worth for a man who has more net-worth than I can even dream of. The initial hook is still there; love prevails. However, understanding the full concept just makes it that much better.

As my brother, sister, and I grew up, family movie night has become less of an event. That tradition will always be cherished in my heart, and I have it to thank for introducing me to my favorite movie. A tradition that will never die, however, is cuddling up with my mom, a bowl of popcorn between us, and tissues prepared just in case, while Pride and Prejudice rolls on the screen.

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