Union celebrates life of Robert G. Lee

Union University held a dedication for the home of past Southern Baptist Convention president and former trustee of Union on Saturday as a celebration of who he was and how he helped shape modern Christian faith.

A large group gathered on the cool Saturday afternoon to tour the home of Robert G. Lee and celebrate the life he lived and the people he drew to Christ. The audience included family members of Lee as well as Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) executives and faculty of Union University.

The dedication happened on Lee’s 131st birthday and the speakers reflected on Lee’s life work and the impact he had on the community as well as themselves.

“He was probably the most impactful preacher of his day throughout America,” said Steve Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist church and current president of the SBC.

Most of the speakers mentioned his servant heart that kept him busy throughout his career as a pastor and quirky facts about him, one being that his favorite book was the dictionary.

One speaker, Bobby Lee, served as a page for Lee during one of the conventions. He recounted the impact Robert Lee had on his life.

“Being the page for Dr. Lee at the Southern Baptist Convention was one of the highlights of my life,” he said.

Lee left an impact on people even after his death in 1978.

“I think it’s really cool how a man who dedicated his entire life to the service of God and his people came from such humble beginnings,” Lizzie McGaw, sophomore film major, said. “It reminds us that great people of Christ come from all walks of life.”

Lee served as the 27th president of the Southern Baptist Convention, was a trustee of Union University, and pastored Bellevue Baptist Church throughout his lifetime. He was one of the first pastors to be televised and preached his famous sermon, “Pay Day…Some Day,” to the entire country.

The home itself has all the original furniture, including the crib Lee used as a baby, and was restored as historically accurate as possible. The home is located next to Luther Hall.

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