Union-based band to perform in a free show on Friday

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Story by guest writer, Shelby Britt.

A Union based band, Psallos, will play a free show at Fellowship Bible Church this Friday at 7 p.m.

Psallos was formed by Cody Curtis and his wife Melody after Cody wrote a song on Romans for a pastor at his church. Inspired, Curtis began writing other songs before eventually releasing the band’s first album, Slaves, in 2012. The name “Psallos” comes from the Greek word Psallo, which means “melody,” and is found in Ephesians 5 as well as Colossians 3.

“Psallos’ mission is to help others make melody and worship to God,” Curtis said.

Their music clearly reflects that. Matt Battistelli, current bassist and former Union student, worked with other bands before joining Psallos. He noted that Psallos felt different to him.

“Recording has always been fun, but the music of Psallos is a really powerful teaching tool. It’s worship, but it’s also like a sermon in music,” he said.

Romans, the band’s second album, breaks down the book of Roman into simple language and aims to give people a better understanding of the book of Romans. The album has 23 tracks and moves from the first chapter to the last chapter of the book. When listening to Romans, the band recommends listening to the album all the way through since it encompasses the entire book of Romans.

Curtis encourages Union students to come out to the show. Psallos is mostly comprised of Union students and alumni, and several Union students have helped in the recording on past albums. Curtis also encourages Union students to connect with the band. They are always looking for help, especially in the areas of digital design, social media and business.

“Come out to the show because Psallos has an intimate connection to Union,” Battistelli said. “I think it’s cool to encourage local music, especially with the connection we have to Union. Also, come out for worship and biblical learning. Even if you aren’t a Christian, the performance uses a 14-piece ensemble with joyful people.”

Psallos plans to continue the band by writing more songs that adapt to New Testament epistles.

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