SGA Senate: New semester, let there be light, and Clark the clerk

SGA held its first senate meeting of 2017 on Wednesday night, passing two resolutions and one bill in a productive evening filled with laughter.

Before discussing any of the legislation, though, the senate had to elect a new clerk. After one nomination that many thought would go undisputed, Jon Hall chimed in and nominated sophomore political science and English major Clark Hubbard. When asked if he accepted the nomination, Hubbard laughed, shrugged and gave a simple “sure.”

Despite voting against himself, Hubbard won the clerkship with relative ease and began performing his duties immediately (those duties basically only consist of reading legislation). 

In classic Clark Hubbard-fashion, he spoke after the election: “Prepare yourself Union. Bills have never been read quite like this.”

At any rate, the senate did pass legislation as well.

The first resolution that passed was a request asking that the office of university ministries publish the chapel worship team schedule. Union already publishes the chapel speakers before each semester, but Josiah McGee, sophomore political science major, who introduced the bill, argued that knowing who will be leading worship well beforehand will give students an opportunity to pray for and encourage worship leaders throughout the semester.

The other resolution that passed was a request to add a light on the walkway between the BAC and the PAC, where multiple students have complained that it is dark at night. Specifically, the bill addressed the danger of going to and from night classes. The resolution states that the addition of a light will help to “provide for the safety and well-being of students and faculty alike.” While presenting the resolution, Eddie Echeverria called the dark pathway “pretty terrifying” and quoted Harry Dixon Loes’ classic gospel song “This Little Light of Mine.”

Senate also passed a bill that allocates $200 to Adoration for new uniforms. Adoration is a new organization on campus, and its main purpose is to perform worship songs in sign language. According to the bill, “team shirts allow uniformity across the performance and allow the audience to focus on the hands that are signing and the worship songs.”

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