Senate welcomes Singleton and passes resolution concerning former library space

Senate convened for its second session of the school year on Wednesday, Sept. 20, a session that included an announcement on the new course evaluation process and only one resolution to discuss entitled “The Decision Time Resolution”, which was passed with little debate.

To start the night, Dr. Ann Singleton, Union’s current interim provost, approached the senate podium with an announcement about a new course evaluation process.

“Thank you for letting us speak to this group,” Singleton said. “Union University has a new course evaluation… we know the other one was bad.”

The new course evaluation will still be online and anonymous. Students will fill out the evaluation at the end of every semester in each individual classroom. Singleton hopes this new method will be more pointed and result in less overemphasized evaluations.

Resolution 196-23 was then presented by Jonathan Greer, philosophy major and president of the senior class council. The resolution simply asks that Union University would give a formal announcement on the intended purpose of the old library space in the Penick Academic Complex by the university-wide reading day, which is scheduled for Dec. 8, 2017.

“We wanted to write this for a couple of reasons,” Greer said. “First, by a show of hands, how many of you have seen the old library space and know how spacious it is?”

Greer’s question was followed by raised hands from the majority of the senate.

The senior class feels that Union has limited space for the many activities hosted on campus and, seeing as how the former library space has been vacant for several years, it could reopen for the benefit of students, faculty and the local community. They believe that, by passing this resolution, administration would begin discussing the issue and hopefully form a solution.

SAC President Mary Byars, a senior business major, announced that SAC will be hosting a movie on the lawn the Friday of family weekend. “Air Bud” is the movie that will be showed.

Senate is now in recess and will reconvene on Oct. 4 for Dub Senate.

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