Senate passes three pieces of legislation and adjourns for the semester

The final Senate meeting of the semester convened in Harvey Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 9:30 p.m., passing three bills and marking the conclusion of the 2017 Student Government executive board.

Senate Ambassador Katie Chappell gave an update on the bill previously passed by the sophomore class to remove 15-minute parking spaces between the Watters and Hurt quads as well as outside the Bowld, to remove the faculty parking spaces outside the Bowld and to remove a number of faculty parking spots outside of White Hall. The bill was reviewed, and the only change being taken into consideration is to remove faculty parking outside of White Hall.

The newly affirmed Bike Recycling Club requested $200 from Senate in order to purchase tools and further the Union Trails. The bill raised a few questions; however, it passed with a vast majority.

The Senior Council posed a bill calling for diversity in student meal plan options. They suggested that a 100 meal plan option be put in place of the 50 meal plan option, but their major concern is to get more choices in place to better accommodate the students.

“We just want to make a suggestion to Union that they offer something in between, kind of like the Goldilocks affect,” senior class president Jonathan Greer said. “We don’t want something that’s going to be too much or too little.”

After the Senior Council made their final arguments, the bill passed with little debate.

The Freshman Council posed their first bill as a council, asking that Union add additional bike racks next to the PAC. They testified that bikes are always scattered on the grass outside the PAC and that adding bike racks will be safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Only one question was raised against the bill, and it passed by senate majority.

SGA Treasurer, Austin Hamlett, gave his final update as treasurer. The semester’s budget is left at $400, which will be allocated into next semester’s budget.

“I just wanted to thank you all for listening to me and for all the opportunities that this office has given me,” Hamlet said.

This final Senate session marks the end of the road for the 2017 executive officers: President Trenton Holloway, Vice President Matthew Grove, Secretary Amanda Ebert, and Treasurer Austin Hamlett. Next semester, Senate will convene with a new council at its helm. The newly elected executive offices are President Binh Morris, Vice President Josiah McGee, Secretary Gabby Morocco, and Treasurer Madeline Fleming.

SGA Vice President Matthew Grove announced that with the election of the new executive officers, there are vacant class positions that need to be filled for next semester, which include senior class treasurer, junior class president, sophomore class president, and sophomore class treasurer. Petitions will be available shortly after Thanksgiving, and campaign and voting will proceed the following weeks.

With one last bang of the gavel, Grove adjourned Senate for the semester.

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