Senate passes legislation for walkway debris and holds homecoming nominations

The fourth Senate session of the fall semester assembled on Oct. 18, holding Union’s homecoming nominations and passing legislation that allocated $200 to the Association for Computer Machinery and proposed that Union should create a solution concerning rain and debris accumulation on a campus walkway.

The familiar bang of a gavel signifying the beginning of a Senate session reverberated through Harvey Hall, but the person holding the gavel was not SGA vice president Matthew Grove. Ben Leach, president pro tempore, read a letter from Grove, explaining that Grove was traveling back from a Day of Listening for Millennial Leaders at the White House and that Leach would be filling in for him in his absence.

Following the Scripture reading and prayer by SGA chaplain Brandon Harper, SGA ambassador Katie Chappell gave an update on the legislation passed in the last session. Chappell shared that they are currently working on compromises. She said that they are planning to add specific dates for extended open dorm hours and that they are currently working on where the Christmas lights would be placed on campus and where the lights would come from.

SGA treasurer Austin Hamlett reported that there was $1600 left in the senate budget before legislation.

Sponsors from the Association for Computer Machinery presented Resolution 196-27, a bill asking for the allocation of $200 for their organization’s t-shirts. ACM presented the bill because the organization does not have significant name recognition on campus and hopes to increase student awareness by distinguishing itself from other groups.

“A lot of people around Union may not know of that organization because we have not been very prevalent in senate in the past,” said Michael Collins, ACM president and a sponsor of the bill.

The account belonging to ACM’s Union chapter began with $20. ACM stated that it is currently developing fundraising ideas and the additional name recognition will assist in their endeavors. The shirts will be worn during events that the organization is involved in. The bill passed.

Jonathan Greer then presented Resolution 196-28, a resolution asking that Union create a solution to prevent debris accumulation left by rain and water on the walkway between the PAC and BAC. Because the walkway is on a downward slope, a significant amount of water runoff and debris accumulates at the bottom near the BAC. The resolution aims to make Union aware of the issue in order to work on implementing a solution.

While the resolution leaves the solution open-ended in case Union already has plans for the issue, it suggests “a small, gardening-sized plastic retainer wall” or a total renovation, which would also widen the walkway.

While the debris is an inconvenience, some students have expressed that it is a potential danger to student safety. Ted Murphy, junior business administration major, voiced his concerns.

“[The walkway] is legitimately scary to walk on when it’s raining,” Murphy said. “The sidewalk is not safe in my personal opinion. That sidewalk needs to be replaced.”

The resolution also passed.

After legislation, $1400 remains in the senate budget.

SAC President Mary Byars announced that a V-Show Interest Meeting will be held Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. in Bowld 247 for those who want to know more about what V-Show is and about this year’s changes. A cornhole tournament will be held during homecoming week, and Byars says to watch social media for details. The Casey Jones Hullabaloo will be held Nov. 11.

Ben Leach announced a Student Leader Meeting to be held on Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. and Oct. 25 at 9:30 p.m. Organization presidents must attend one of these meetings.

Student organizations had various announcements. The junior class reminded those in attendance to take the Cardinal Ball survey and said that participants would be entered to win $25 gift cards from Moe’s or Amazon. Alpha Psi Omega is hosting a Hamlet Movie Night soon to promote Union’s next play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which is based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

ATO promoted their upcoming philanthropy event, which raises money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Lambda Chi Alpha is hosting an open party on Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. and is suggesting a canned food donation for their philanthropy, Feeding America. SAE is holding a barbecue sale on Nov. 3 to fund their annual mission trip to Puerto Rico.

The freshman class is having an event on Nov. 7, and Letters in Motion is having an event on Nov. 14. An organization fair may be held during homecoming. Details for the Bulldog Olympics have been finalized, and winners will receive cash prizes.

The night concluded with homecoming nominations. Ten nominations were made for Mr. and Mrs. Union. Each class then nominated ten girls who represent Union well for their class’s homecoming candidates.

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