Senate discusses chapel and repainting the Quads

On Wednesday, March 15, the third Senate session of the semester began quite normally with the distinct sounds of a gavel striking wood and an auditorium of students quickly growing silent.  Two pieces of legislation were presented and passed nearly unanimously by the student body.

The proceedings began with a Scripture reading and personal anecdote from Senate Chaplain, Grant Allen. Allen shared John 10:10 and reflected on a past trip to Dollywood, relating the experience back to Gospel.

The clerk, with the phrase “style boyz” printed in gold lettering not once, not twice, but thrice across his sweatshirt called roll immediately after, shunning the microphone in favor of projection.

The student ambassador, Amy McKelvey, then reported on the progress of the resolution to adjust freshman curfew, which is currently under consideration by the administration.   The treasurer, Austin Hamlett, followed with the report of the budget which currently stands at $2,050.

The first piece of legislation was a resolution to recommend that the University reinstate the universal chapel exemption for seniors.  Senior Class President Hannah Willis and Senior Class Vice-President Katherine Caid presented the resolution in response to the administration’s policy change last year which required seniors to attend chapel.  

The sponsors emphasized the importance of time for seniors as they attempt to graduate and find jobs.  

“We are by no means trying to diminish or disregard the significance of chapel,” Willis said, in an effort to quell previously raised concerns.

The resolution, according to the two senators, was written for posterity’s sake, rather than for the benefit of the authors since they are graduating this semester.

Sophomore marketing major Ted Murphy echoed these sentiments and announced his support for the bill, referencing again the importance of time and his own struggles with scheduling around chapel.

“I just had to push a conference call back four weeks,” Murphy stated, pointing to chapel hour as a contributor to the scheduling conflict.

The bill was met largely with approval by the students and passed with only a few votes against.

The second resolution of the evening was a request that the railings and stairwells in the Quads be repainted and repaired.  This passed as well after being presented by Sophomore Class Officers Skylar Squires and Joanna Cumbie.

And with another gavel, Senate was called to a recess until Wednesday, March 29.

SAC President Mary Byars then presented an update on the activities of the Student Activities Council and invited students to attend Sibling Weekend on March 24 and 25.  Students and families can register online.

SGA President Trenton Holloway also announced that petitions for SGA class officer elections are now available outside of the SGA office in the Student Union Building.