Music Monday: Valentine’s Edition

Music Monday: Valentine's Edition

Ahh Valentine’s Day. For some people, it’s a day full of chocolates, massive stuffed animals and lovey dovey cards filled with heartfelt notes. For others, however, it’s a day full of binge-watching Netflix in their rooms alone, crying in the dark and eating a tub of ice cream with a ladle. Whatever your situation, there’s always a song that can brighten your mood or get you in your feelings.

For all of you lost souls out there that just suffered a major break up with your significant other, don’t fret! Listening to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” will get you out of any love dump you may be buried in.

Cuddles. Kisses. Sugar Bear. Snookums. For those couples that can’t control the mushiness of their relationship, there’s even a song for you lovebirds. “The Cuppycake Song” from Lullaby Classics is definitely up your alley, but please, spare everyone around you and put headphones in while listening. If you and your sweetheart are looking for something a little less nauseating, “Better Together” by Jack Johnson is the perfect song to play to show that not only are they your boyfriend/girlfriend, but your best friend.

If you happen to be a strong, independent individual and you don’t need no man (or woman,) “Single Ladies” is always a good song to jam to while you’re out doing your own thing without anyone to answer to. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to bring out their inner Beyoncé every once in awhile?

On the “Ring by Spring” train, all you fellas can hop aboard and take a listen to “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo. It’s catchy rhythm and sentimental words are ideal for when you pop the question to that special lady in your life.

Whether you’re a lover or a loner, there’s never a Valentine’s Day song that won’t relate to you in some way, so go out and have a girls or guys night, take your loved one on a romantic date or watch that entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. However you spend your Valentine’s Day, make it a great one!