Music Monday: not your everyday Hamilton fan

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I like to pride myself on the fact that I fell in love with Hamilton before it became cool. Hamilton started on Broadway in August of 2015, I first listened and became completely addicted in November of 2015, and Hamilton didn’t really catch wind until the spring of 2016. Therefore, if you think this story is written by just another band-wagon Hamilton fan, you’d be wrong.

As a senior in high school who adored history, I knew the name Alexander Hamilton. So when my brother asked, “Have you heard the soundtrack for ‘Hamilton’ yet?” My initial response was “Who wrote a musical about Alexander Hamilton? Why not George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or James Madison?” Then once he explained that the musical was mostly rap music, I was thrown through for a loop.

Three years ago, the name “Hamilton” would probably provoke no thought to the average person, and a history buff would more than likely recognize him as the hot-headed founding father that established the national bank. However, today, most people will read that name and immediately think of the very famous musical “Hamilton: An American Musical” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda that swept the Tony’s in 2016.

The first time I heard Renee Elise Goldsberry sing “Satisfied” as Angelica Schuyler, I was hooked. I immediately purchased the soundtrack and listened to it non-stop (pun intended).

Hamilton is popular for many reasons. I love Hamilton, not just because the music and lyrics are pure genius, but also because it combined two of my favorite things, musicals and history. The first time I listened all the way through, my mind was blown. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, and I rejoiced. Then I had to listen again and again, until every word was ingrained in my head.

It’s been almost two years since I heard the Hamilton soundtrack for the first time, and I could still listen to every word and not be tired of it. Each time I listen to it, I catch something new. Whether it’s a witty joke Miranda slid in, a harmony that blends so beautifully, or a trickle of keys on the piano, every listen gives a new experience.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see Hamilton on Broadway, yet. That being said, if anyone is willing to hook this history-loving and Hamilton-loving girl up with a ticket, let me know!

If you’re willing to give this brilliant soundtrack a chance, be still and listen to every word, to every note, hear all its cleverness, and learn something from the forgotten founding father of our great nation.


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