Music Monday: Living a Semi-Charmed Life

The black asphalt is lightly dusted with rain drops. The smell of hot asphalt and dirt fills your senses. Heat drifts up from the road, putting you in a trance because of its quirky beauty. Darkness shirks back from the bright headlights that shine as the only source of light on the patchy country road. The crisp smell of country air, untouched by city pollution.

Music, oh the unending options.

This is what I love about driving.

I often take my black Pontiac Vibe out for a spin in the rural areas surrounding campus. My friends describe the inside of my car as eccentric. There’s a six-month old air freshener, my graduation tassel, and a glittery pink steering wheel cover.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my car for the millionth time this week listening to music. There’s a certain level of comfort that my car provides me that nothing else can. When I’m stressed, I go to my car. When I’m upset, happy, angry, tired, or any other emotion, I go to my car.

I think the freedom associated with a vehicle puts me at peace. I’m a thrill-seeking extrovert which means I never have down time; however, my car provides that.

I used to get angry all the time because my car doesn’t have an aux cord, but that just means my CD collection is boss. I only have the cream of the crop of my music collection on CD. Music allows an escape that nothing else ever has. It’s honestly the only thing that’s ever kept me from going crazy.

One of my favorite CD’s I own is “Horseshoes and Handgrenades” by Disciple. I’ve had this album since 2010, when the album came out. The heavy metal Christian band relies heavily on scripture for their songs and helped me through some of my darkest times. “Invisible” and “Dear X, You Don’t Own Me” share the message that God hasn’t forgotten you and that He sets you free from your sin, which I needed at the time.

Next up, my Good Charlotte album. Honestly, I lost the insert that it came with so I have no idea what the name is. I love the album though. It’s good for summer days when your mind needs to hear something cheery. Also, it’s great for making memories with your friends.

The Incubus album I own is called “Light Grenades” and sometimes I feel like a philosophical hippie when I listen to it. It’s strange, but awesome. Most of my deep thinking in the car happens on this CD. Check out Earth to Bella pt. 1.

My CD collection wouldn’t be complete without the angsty Black Veil Brides album “Set The World On Fire.” This album is the core of my angsty teen heart.

“You Gotta Go There,” Stereophonics has my heart. This album is on the background when I rant about my problems to my friend Trevor. It’s turned way up when I’m out in the country with Lizzie, and it encompasses my inner chill rocker.

Finally, my most recent addition; “Semi Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind. I actually own two copies. One doesn’t work, but I bought it anyway because it had a concert ticket in it. The second was just gifted to me by one of my favorite professors on campus (shoutout to Kluck). My obvious favorite is Semi Charmed Life. I know the whole song by heart. However, I love Jumper and The Background for different reasons. Jumper always reminds me of my friends who go through hardships.

That’s one of the reasons why I love my car so much: it’s a safe space for me and my friends. I have this need to protect the people I love from seeing hardship in their lives, but I can’t. Jumper reminds me that there’s nothing I can do but encourage my friends. The Background brings back fond memories of my grandfather who died several years ago. He’s always in the back of my mind.

Music allows us to feel how we need to. It provides us with a safe place that nothing else can. Music is a powerful tool that can bring back memories, teach, and cause strong emotions. Life would be too much to handle without my car or my music.


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