Fun things to do in Jackson

Although I am a Jackson native, I spent most of my Spring Break resting and working part-time, unaware of all that our town has to offer. However, after thinking about it and consulting with friends, I came up with a list of 10 cool and relatively cheap things to do in Jackson over Spring Break or any other time. To do this, though, I first had to shed the idea that Jackson had nothing to offer me.

“Any town with less than 200,000 people will have ‘nothing to do,’ in people’s minds, but that’s actually not true, especially in regards to Jackson. You just have to be willing to look for it or find something to get plugged into,” said Hannah Heckhart, a freshman photojournalism major who lives in Jackson.

So, here we go. These are a few of the things that Jackson has to offer students.

  1. Check out Cypress Grove Nature Park. It is a truly beautiful park, with a nice walking path that winds through its forest. It also features a few wildlife encounters. There are eagles and other small animals that are a feature of the park and can be observed in their habitats along the walking trail.
  2. Go to the new Juice Bar. Seriously, you should go. The juices and smoothies are wonderful, and the staff is even better. They are cheerful, and are always happy to provide a recommendation.
  3. If you are feeling clever then you should go check out Jackson Escape Rooms. I have not done this one yet, but I hear great things about them. The owner was actually a recent contestant and winner of the reality show Hunted.
  4. For those of us who are firm believers in retail therapy, check out The Vintage Market on Church Street. Nestled in downtown, it is multi-story antique shop with rows upon rows of adorable gifts and décor.
  5. While you are in downtown, you should also check out the Farmer’s Market. The warmer the weather gets, the better the selection becomes. Vendors from all over West Tennesse pour into downtown throughout the week, but especially on Saturdays to sell their produce and homemade goods. Then there are the homemade doughnuts. They have made a name for themselves because they are truly some of the best.
  6. If you eat too many doughnuts though, then maybe check out a few yoga classes or any of the other countless options that the Lift wellness center has to offer. They have an extensive selection of classes, or you can just hit the treadmill on your own.
  7. Enjoy a night of fun at the Family Fun Center. Visitors can go bowling, play putt putt, roller skate or play laser tag. These are things that can be fun for a large group or a family to do.
  8. Have a barbecue. If you are from here, or even you are not, get a group together and cook, eat, and hang out. Barbecues are a great opportunity to just chill and hangout with your friends.
  9. As summer grows near, the AMP Concert Series will start up. This is another thing that downtown Jackson has to offer. Right down from the Farmer’s Market on Friday and Saturday evenings, bands will play at the amphitheater. I think most of the shows are free, so just bring your lawn chair and settle in night of music.
  10. Lastly, but possibly the most important, is rest. The thing about Jackson, is it does have a lot to offer, but it is still a relatively small town. You can choose to get out and be adventurous, but most of the things I have listed here can be done in just a few hours. This gives students time to take those much-needed naps and gear up for the last leg of the semester.