Blank Slate Improv to perform first show of the year

The UU Improv team doing what they do best. | photo by Randall Kendrick

The Blank Slate Improv team only had auditions three and a half weeks ago, but they are already preparing for their first show, taking place Friday, Sept. 22.

The vibrant group of students is guaranteed to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with their quick and witty jokes, scenes and sometimes even dances. Their on-the-spot performances are sure to keep the viewers laughing from beginning to end. Each student on Blank Slate brings different levels of creativity and originality that fits together to create a memorable show.

“It’ll be very entertaining, and we like to keep the crowd engaged throughout the show,” said Maddie Hutcherson, a senior accounting major and a member of the Blank Slate team.

Hutcherson went into more detail in saying that the audience will have many chances to participate throughout the show by giving some one-word prompts for the team to perform immediately. She said the show brings positive comedy and makes people feel good, and for her, that is one of her favorite parts as a member of Blank Slate.

These 13 students perform with no props or displays, but with their talent and creativity, they have the ability to transport an audience anywhere. You might be watching the tragic life of a strip of bacon for one minute and then two men dueling in Chuck-E-Cheese the next. Nevertheless, the element of surprise works in complete favor of the improv team.

A lot of time and work go into the preparation for these performances. Korey Adams, junior Spanish and French double major and one of the captains of Blank Slate, shared some of the preparation they do beforehand. They learn rules and techniques to improve the stories and plots to be more meaningful and interactive.

“We have to think a couple steps ahead. It’s like a complicated version of finishing each other’s sentences,” Adams said.

All of the hours of practicing and preparing will pay off this Friday when the team has the crowd laughing for an hour and a half. The show will take place in Barefoots Joe, and every student is encouraged to come. Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., and there will be a $3 admission fee.




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