Bestselling author and pastor Robert J. Morgan will speak in chapel Wednesday

Robert J. Morgan, teaching pastor of The Donelson Fellowship and bestselling writer, will speak in chapel at 10 a.m. on Wednesday on his book The Red Sea Rules. A luncheon will follow at 11:30 a.m. in Coburn, where he will be speaking on “Leadership and Integrity.”

Morgan has been a pastor at The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville for more than 35 years. He is a Gold-Medallion winning author with more than 35 books in print and 4 million copies in circulation. A writer for Dr. David Jeremiah and the Turning Points Magazine, Morgan has contributed to many leading Christian periodicals, as well as the Huffington Post. Morgan’s books have been translated into multiple languages, and he has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows.

Morgan, being converted to Christ in childhood, was called to ministry early on as a teenager. He always loved books and reading and was drawn to Christian books even as a child. His ministerial experience started when he began working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, then as pastor at Harris Memorial Church. He became a pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in 1980 and has conducted conferences for mission groups in various countries. Morgan has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Columbia International University.

Morgan’s 2001 book, The Red Sea Rules, will be the focus of Wednesday’s chapel. In The Red Sea Rules, Morgan offers ten principles in dealing with difficulty and moving from fear to faith. Morgan draws from the story of the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus 14 to reveal God’s deliverance and guidance in hard situations. Over 300,000 copies of The Red Sea Rules have been sold, and it has been translated into multiple languages.

The Red Sea Rules has offered encouragement to Todd Brady, assistant professor of ministry and vice president of University Ministries. He has read the book multiple times to remind himself that God will make a way even when there seems to be none.

The Red Sea Rules is a reminder that when all hope seems to be gone—when your back is literally against the water—God is going to accomplish His purposes,” Brady said. “God always prevails—whether it seems in the moment like he will or not.”

There will be a luncheon in Coburn following chapel, where Morgan will be speaking on “Leadership and Integrity.”

“When leadership often runs on the rails of winks and nods rather than on character and principle, I encourage the Union community to hear Morgan’s talk,” Brady said.

Tickets for lunch in the cafeteria are $7.00 and can be reserved by calling Spring Reed at X5062 or emailing Meals on the ID card can be used as well.

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