AIGA poster sale benefits designers and students of Union

On Friday, the Jackson chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists or AIGA, held their annual poster sale in the hallway of the Student Union Building. The chapter is made up primarily of Union students and alumni from the area, and there are approximately 30 participants currently enrolled at Union.

The designers lined the SUB hallway with about 200 posters that had been submitted for the sale. There were posters for movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars, and then there were others with artistic quotes and nature photography. There was something there for every taste and style, an excellent showcase of the artistic talent that Union has in some of its students.

Designer and Vice President of AIGA, Hannah Barr, said that she likes her work to reflect pop culture yet have an original illustration that, “you’re not going to get anywhere else.” She likes to help others “find the chill,” with her art because it helps her to find a balance in her own life.

Each of the posters were only five dollars with the majority of the proceeds going to the artists themselves. The sale was a huge benefit to the designers and their fellow students who were able to purchase artwork that was unique and inspiring. Each student talked about the posters that they liked the best, and the most popular ones seemed to be those that had a quote or character from one of their favorite movies.

Even in the early morning hours of the sale, students were flocking to the SUB hallway to find the poster that was just right for them. Junior public relations major Faith Patterson said that, “the quality of the artwork brought her back this year.” The quality was easy to see because all of the posters were excellently done. Patterson was just one of many students who was having a difficult time choosing which one she liked best.

“It’s the most overwhelming thing I’ve done all day because I want all of them,” Sophomore Christian studies major, Brooks Neely said.

The designers worked on the posters in their spare time. Throughout the year, they work on graphics for other campus organizations while managing their own classes and art projects. It was nice to see the Union community come together to support some of those who work hard to benefit their community.