Union’s Wellness Center gets revamped under new leadership

Wellness Center
Students getting in their workout at the campus Wellness Center

Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience. The mountainous workout machines, the huge barbells, and the confidence of everyone performing their workout routines can be an uncomfortable and uninviting environment for anyone new. However, Union University’s Wellness Center is making big changes to improve the experience for all its users, no matter their skill level.

The Wellness Center, the aquatics, the activities desk, the small gym and the intramural sports are all coming together under Campus Rec. This new transition will be led by Jonny Wilson, the upcoming new director of the Wellness Center.

Under the new leadership, the student workers will take a new approach to their jobs. They will now be trained in fitness and workout material in order to assist those in the gym who may not be used to the climate.

“I think it’s really important,” said Deja Moorer, a senior psychology major who works at the wellness center. “It’s important that the people who are here all the time, working at the desk, should know how to guide someone if they need help.”

Student workers like Moorer help keep the Wellness Center clean and keep up with the number of people using the gym. They will help people with their workouts once Campus Rec kicks off under the direction of Wilson in January.

“My greatest aspiration is to develop a hospitable community of fitness minded students,” Wilson said.

Wilson hopes to update some of the workout equipment and implement easy to follow programs for beginners. Wilson said that he wants to create a sense of community community in the wellness center.

“We’re really excited about Jonny,” Emily Carter, graduate assistant for campus rec, said. “He just brings a new perspective… so we’re really excited to see how that’s going to play out.”

Carter, as well as Heidi Stallings, will become the graduate assistants of Campus Rec under Wilson. The two graduate assistants will share responsibilities with the director to ease everyone’s work load. Carter said that exciting activities are coming to the Wellness Center that will be held on different days of the week to help people with their work out regime.