Students GO for spring break

Spring Break, for some students, wasn’t just for relaxation; it gave them the opportunity to serve both in the states and internationally through GO Trips.

For junior accounting major, Hannah Willis, spring break involved traveling to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras.

“I was initially drawn to Honduras because of the commandment in James where the Lord calls us to look after orphans,” Willis said. “My little sister is adopted, and I’ve seen firsthand the need and calling to love on children, just like Christ’s love for us.”

Another reason Willis chose Honduras during her application process was because of what she had been learning from through teachers, volunteers and staff.

“They were teaching me the importance of remembering that the only thing he requires us is to walk with him and him only,” Willis said. “It is hard to understand sometimes the Lord’s plans, or why there has to be so much brokenness in a place like Honduras, but the one thing that is promised is that his timing is perfect, always.”

Social work major Melodie Fitzpatrick was also able to travel to an orphanage and show the love of Christ to children.

“Puerto Rico was described as being an opportunity for community development, and I saw this as a way for me to practice my social work skills as well as learn how to use them for ministry,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick said this trip was a way for her to reach out to a community that is in need and darkness.

“I know God has called me to help those in need, and I believe that my team and I were able to bring the light of Christ to the community,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick and her team traveled to Regazo de Paz Orphanage as last minute plans during their trip.

“I believe God led us there because we all wanted to be able to spend time with the children,” Fitzpatrick said. “We were able to see how everyone at Regazo needed encouragement and love. I think everyone’s lives were touched during this trip.”

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