Student ambassador position undergoing change

A student ambassador leads a tour group during a Preview Day in 2013 | Photo submitted by Union University

The student ambassador position at Union University has begun going through some changes. The position, which used to consist of both serving as a tour guide and assisting the enrollment counselor, is being split in two. The two new positions will be “student ambassadors” and “student enrollment counselors,” each with its own specific purpose.

“The student ambassador’s primary role is going to be giving tours of campus, having lunch with students, working events and things like that,” said Rachael Taylor, Union’s special events and visit coordinator.

This position will be a more face-to-face experience, and students who apply for it should have the ability to talk to people.

The student enrollment counselor position contains elements of the previous student ambassador role. The majority of their responsibilities will consist of talking on the phone with prospective students, emailing them and helping to push students’ applications through.

Taylor believes these changes will actually improve the current system.

“By dividing the job, those giving the tours can really focus on tours, and those who work with the enrollment counselor can take on more responsibility and a little more hands-on initiative than they have in the past,” Taylor said. “Both groups of students will have more training, and both areas will improve.”

With more focus in each area, the university will not need to spend as much time with basic training and can really hone the skills of both student ambassadors and enrollment counselors.

In the end, the university’s goal through these changes is to help prospective students realize what Union truly is. Instead of working harder, those employed by the university will work smarter to give prospective students an accurate picture of Union.

“We want prospective students to leave Union thinking ‘This is what I want,’ or ‘This is not what I want,’” Taylor said. “We’re looking for current students who love the Lord, Union and its mission and who will represent the school well.”

To apply for these positions, visit the admissions office in the Student Union Building.