SGA’s Sophomore Council Hosts Fall Fiesta

Students enjoy food and fellowship at SGA's Fall Fiesta.

Although it’s been a busy time for Union University, almost 120 students gathered in the Bowld  to enjoy tacos and karaoke on Thursday night as part of SGA’s sponsored event, Fall Fiesta.

SGA’s sophomore council hosted the event and eagerly served those who came to socialize and take advantage of the free meal. Students from every class attended the occasion and filled the room with endless conversation and laughter.

“The purpose of events like the Fall Fiesta is to cultivate community on our campus,” Sophomore Council President Josiah McGee said. “It also gives everyone a much needed break from studying.”

Once students sat down to eat and converse with friends, the rest of the evening involved music and karaoke as people took turns singing their favorite songs on stage. From one of Disney’s classic tunes to hip-hop, each student brought musical variety to the show and gladly played along.

“Often, people can get so busy…without having a meal with a friend, and this is how we try to help,” McGee said. “Hopefully they will leave rested and closer to their classmates.”

Not only did students bond over a common interest such as music, but they also encouraged one another as they cheered each singer’s name and clapped to the rhythm of every song. Even those who came to simply observe enjoyed seeing others participate and having fun.

McGee hoped to witness this kind of fellowship among Union students, and noted that this was a core reason why SGA existed in the first place.

“Student government has the responsibility to not only help students get involved on campus, but to ensure that students from all parts of campus are given the opportunity to get to know each other and develop community,” McGee said.

In addition to the free tacos and hilarious entertainment, students also had the opportunity to see Buster, Union’s beloved mascot.

Even commuters benefited from this experience and took advantage of this occasion to socialize and and strengthen their friendships with classmates.

“As a commuter, I don’t have a meal plan, so it’s great to get a free meal,” senior communications major Tiffany Dawson said. “This is also a good opportunity to spend time with others since this kind of event brings people together.”

For more information about SGA and future events they will be hosting, students can contact Josiah McGee at

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