Music Monday: The College Life Feels


It’s crazy how much one playlist can bring you back through your college journey. These 12 songs personify most of the big moments I’ve had in college:

  1. “On The Way Home” – John Mayer

Summer is a time for reconnecting with hometown friends, swimming in the pool and relishing the absence of homework. Yet summer comes to an end, and the semester comes again just as sure as the bell tower chimes every 15 minutes. This song encapsulates this transition from a stress-free summer to responsibility city.

  1. “Talk” – Coldplay

College is full of fun moments where you feel as if you are on top of the world. However, there are times when you miss your friends from home and just need to talk. Coldplay will sing right into your moment of nostalgia.

  1. Budapest” – George Ezra

This song is for when you meet your Welcome Week crush and think about how you have been waiting on this person for your entire existence. College is the only time in your life when you will have a multitude of people who are similar to you in age, beliefs and goals. It can be easy to get caught up in a Jackson romance the same way George Ezra gets lost in “Budapest.”

  1. “On Top of the World” Imagine Dragons

You’ll have tests in college that will consume you. Studying takes a giant, unapologetic bite out of your schedule, and you’re exhausted afterwards. We have all had these moments, but immediately after the test ends, you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s the feeling that erupts in your being after you click on your test grade and see an “A” on Moodle. Savor these moments when your hard work pays off.

  1. Calm My Soul” – Paper Route

It’s the middle of the semester. All of your activities, friends and tests are requiring your attention at the same time. Deadlines are breathing down your neck. Expectations are knocking at your door. Paper Route provides you with four minutes and 59 seconds to regroup.

  1. “Team” – Lorde

Friday night is such a transformative time for your mood. You shelf your responsibilities for the night, leave your worries at the dorm and head out with your friends to relax. Whether you’re off to explore Jackson or just watching a movie in the dorm with your pals, you’ll be whistling this song throughout the night.

  1. I Lived” – One Republic

Play this song immediately after you are done with your last final. Nothing will fill your ears and energize your soul like this song will as you pack up for the end of the semester.

  1. “College Kids”  Relient K

This is a song for your moments of doubt when you think college may not be your thing.

  1. “Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns and Roses

College is often times the most drastic change of living that one will ever experience. It is easy to feel as if you’re entering a jungle as you move in on Welcome Week.

  1. “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

Play this song when you finish explaining all the things you are juggling this semester to your friends and they tell you there is no way you can do all those activities while simultaneously passing your classes.

  1. “Stop this Train” – John Mayer

One minute you’re at Welcome Week and the next week you’re filling out your graduation application. When the tempo of life feels as if it has rapidly increased, John Mayer knows how to speak to your situation. You miss how things were and aren’t sure about what you’ll do now that you’re older. This is a great senior year song.

So scared of getting older. I’m only good at being young.”

  1. “Blink” Revive

This song serves as a warning as to how quickly all of college can get away from you. Enjoy every moment of it.