MOSAIC Christmas party

Tidra Price and Jonquil Lindsey enjoy their meal together. Photo by Katherine Cheshire

On Thursday night, almost 30 students gathered together in the Bowld Commons to celebrate MOSAIC’s end-of-the-year Christmas party and reflect on the organization’s recent accomplishments.

The room was filled with music and casual conversation as MOSAIC students finished their last-minute preparations for the party. Then, Meah Hill, MOSAIC vice president and junior psychology major, gathered everyone together to talk about MOSAIC’s overall success throughout the semester, while Stephen Cutliff-Talley, MOSAIC president and junior TESL major, began the event with a prayer.

Afterwards, students ate together and listened to Alma Hernandez, Employer Relations & Recruitment Manager of the Vocatio Center, as she shared some general announcements about several MOSAIC members.

“Events like these are important, because they provide us with a way to say thank you and give back to people,” Hill said. “They also give us the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and what we’ve done as part of MOSAIC.”

Once everyone had eaten their fill of holiday treats, the room filled with laughter as students played games together such as “Who Am I” and “Name That Carol.”

Mosaic members enjoy their time of fellowship. Photo by Katherine Cheshire
Mosaic members enjoy their time of fellowship.

Though students who are directly involved with MOSAIC often attend these gatherings, Janey Berends, MOSAIC secretary and junior linguistics and Spanish double major, still wants people to understand that anyone is invited whether they are a part of MOSAIC or not.

“One of Mosaic’s purposes is to get people connected who aren’t normally together to begin with,” Berends said. “So we focus a lot on inviting friends who aren’t necessarily part of the group.”

Berends also noted that applications are now available for students who are interested in being a part of the MOSAIC leadership team.

“It’s open for anyone,” Berends said. “In fact, you don’t have to be in MOSAIC in to apply.”

Once students finished playing their guessing games, they ended the festivities by playing Dirty Santa and opening Christmas presents.

“These events are great, because it allows people in Mosaic to hang out with each other and strengthen their friendships,” Berends said.

For more information about MOSAIC and how to get involved, students can contact Stephen Cutliff-Talley at

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